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Trust yourself to meet the right person

Our daughter always knew she wanted to work with animals and was steadfast in her belief that she could become a veterinarian. She was admitted to vet school right after college and is now traveling internationally researching and healing sick marine mammals. The trust she had in animals, however, was not nearly as strong when it came to finding a life partner.

A coach had suggested she try the “four man” plan. I think it’s a Steve Harvey creation for women who are so determined to meet the right person that they sabotage any chance of meeting “The One”. The idea behind the Four Man Plan is that by going out with a different person each weekend – four men a month – for an entire year, you lighten your perspective. If the first date didn’t work, you still have three other men to meet that month!

Some of her dates were interesting and others were just plain boring, but she never lost hope because there were so many other men waiting in the wings. Towards the end of that year, she happened to connect with an LA radio personality and relationships coach named Maryanne Comaroto. In our family we don’t believe in coincidences. We know now that the wisdom within us is there waiting to be called upon. If we ask for help and believe and trust that it will materialize, it always does.

MaryAnne suggested that she shift her thinking in order to trust, for the very first time, that she could meet her life’s companion. So, by asking for help and trusting that the right person was on his way, she was able to put herself in a different frame of mind.

One of the doctors at the National Marine Mammal Foundation was just a few weeks away from being offered a new position in Sausalito, California. Although he lived in northern California, he traveled back and forth to San Diego, where she was living, on a regular basis. Our daughter was disappointed to hear this new acquaintance, whom she found so interesting, would no longer be involved in her work. But she believed and trusted the right person was in her future and within nine months of their introduction, they were engaged.

Stories like this always remind me that we all have the ability within us to bring whatever we want into our lives..if we’re willing to TRUST.


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